March 12-15, 2024
National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

ISPD 2023 Session Chair Instructions

Slides with detailed overview for session chairs

March 15 - 26:

  • Register for the conference by March 20th.
  • Test your video and audio quality over Zoom before the conference.
  • Have you received the bios from the speakers in your session?
    • If not, please email them and CC
    • Prepare 2 to 3 questions per speaker, in case the audience is slow to ask.

March 26-29, Conference days:

  • Join Zoom meeting at least 15 mins before your session starts.
  • Please use your full name in Zoom.
  • Have either Zoom or running, not both - otherwise there will be conflict on audio/camera.
  • Confirm all speakers have joined the meeting.
  • Announce the session is starting, introduce yourself, and communicate the schedule of the session.
  • Turn on your microphone and camera and check them, and ask the speakers to do so too to prepare for Q&A later.
  • Introduce each speaker (1 minute) then ask an ISPD organizer to play the video.
  • After each video, announce Q&A and guide the questions. Finish the session on time.

Session Format Summary

  • Budget 1 minute for each speaker's bio + 1 minute transition between speakers
  • Questions and Answers (Q&A) are live in each session.
  • If a speaker does not show, keep to the schedule, and Q&A can focus on the other talks.
# Session Name
Session Chair
1Opening + First KeynoteDavid Chinnery7:00- 8:00am10 min intro + 40 min live + 10 min Q&A
2RoutingYih-Lang Li8:15- 9:30am5 min video x5 + 40 min Q&A
33D ICs, heterogeneous integration, and packaging IWen-Hao Liu9:45-10:30am5 min video x3 + 25 min Q&A
43D ICs, heterogeneous integration, and packaging IIYarui Peng10:45-11:30am5 min video x3 + 25 min Q&A
5Analog DesignJ├╝rgen Scheible11:45- 1:00pm5 min video x5 + 40 min Q&A
6Second KeynoteYao-Wen Chang7:00- 7:50am40 min live + 10 min Q&A
7DFM, Reliability, and ElectromigrationBei Yu8:00- 9:15am5 min video x5 + 40 min Q&A
8PlacementYibo Lin9:30-10:30am5 min video x4 + 30 min Q&A
9New Computing Techniques and AcceleratorsDeepashree Sengupta10:45-11:30am5 min video x3 + 25 min Q&A
10Lifetime Achievement CommemorationAida Todri-Sanial11:45- 1:00pm20 min live x 3 + 15 min Q&A
11Third KeynoteLaleh Behjat7:00- 7:50am40 min live + 10 min Q&A
12Quantum ComputingGiovanni de Micheli 8:00- 8:45am5 min video x3 + 25 min Q&A
13Panel on EDA for domain specific computingDeming Chen9:00-10:15am5 min video x5 + 50min panel and Q&A
14Hardware security and bug fixingSamuel Pagliarini10:30-11:30am5 min video x4 + 30 min Q&A
15ISPD 2023 Contest Results and Closing RemarksIris Hui-Ru Jiang11:45-12:45pm30 min video + team videos 3 min x3 + 10 min Q&A + 10 min ISPD 2024 outlook