March 12-15, 2024
National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

List of Accepted Papers

    #4 Power Sub-Mesh Construction in Multiple Power Domain Design with IR Drop and Routability Optimization
    #5 Calibration-Based Differentiable Timing Optimization in Non-linear Global Placement
    #6 Novel Transformer Model Based Clustering Method for Standard Cell Design Automation (Best Paper Candidate)
    #16 FuILT: Full Chip ILT System With Boundary Healing
    #18 SMT-Based Layout Synthesis Approaches for Quantum Circuits
    #19 Practical Mixed-Cell-Height Legalization Considering Vertical Cell Abutment Constraint
    #21 Timing-Driven Analytical Placement According to Expected Cell Distribution Range
    #27 MedPart: A Multi-Level Evolutionary Differentiable Hypergraph Partitioner
    #29 Multi-Electrostatics Based Placement for Non-Integer Multiple-Height Cells
    #32 IncreMacro: Incremental Macro Placement Refinement (Best Paper Candidate)
    #34 Routing-aware Legal Hybrid Bonding Terminal Assignment for 3D Face-to-Face Stacked ICs
    #38 Optimization for Buffer and Splitter Insertion in AQFP Circuits with Local and Group Movement
    #39 Methodology of Resolving Design Rule Checking Violations Coupled with Fully Compatible Prediction Model
    #40 Novel Airgap Insertion and Layer Reassignment for Timing Optimization Guided by Slack Dependency
    #45 Routability Booster - Synthesize a Routing Friendly Standard Cell Library by Relaxing BEOL Resources
    #53 Slack Redistributed Register Clustering with Mixed-Driving Strength Multi-bit Flip-Flops
    #56 FastTuner: Transferable Physical Design Parameter Optimization using Fast Reinforcement Learning
    #62 Satisfiability Modulo Theories-Based Qubit Mapping for Trapped-Ion Quantum Computing Systems