March 12-15, 2024
National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

General Information

The International Symposium on Physical Design (ISPD) provides a premier forum to exchange ideas and promote innovative research in all aspects of physical design ranging from traditional topics for ASIC and FPGA designs to emerging technologies that impact physical design of integrated circuits (ICs). In 2024, ISPD was held at National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan. The 33rd symposium has highlighted key new directions and leading-edge theoretical and experimental contributions to the field.

The 2024 International Symposium on Physical Design paid tribute to Prof. Martin D. F. Wong for his contributions to the physical design community.

ISPD 2025 will be held in Austin, TX. See you all in Austin next year!

ISPD 2024 Awards

Lifetime Achievement

  • Prof. Martin D F Wong

Best Paper

  • "Novel Transformer Model Based Clustering Method for Standard Cell Design Automation", Chia-Tung Ho, Ajay Chandna, David Guan, Alvin Ho, Minsoo Kim, Yaguang Li and Haoxing Ren (Nvidia)

Contest Winners

  1. Hippo
    • Peking University: Chunyuan Zhao, Yibo Lin
  2. RL-Route
    • The Chinese University of Hong Kong: Shiju Lin, Liang Xiao, Jinwei Liu, Evangeline F.Y. Young
  3. metaRoute
    • Fudan University, Fuzhou University and Shanghai LEDA technolog: Zhijie Cai, Min Wei, Yilu Chen, Zhaoyi Wu, Hongzhi Ding, Peng Zou, Zhifeng Lin, Jianli Chen


MK Innovation Hall (學新館), National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

Important Dates

Early registration deadline February 21, 2024
Symposium March 12-15, 2024




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