March 26-29, 2023
Online with virtual participation

List of Accepted Papers

    #5 Voltage-Drop Optimization Through Insertion of Extra Stripes To A Power Delivery Network
    #6 Validating the Redundancy Assumption for HDL from Code Clone’s Perspective
    #7 FXT-Route: Efficient High-Performance PCB Routing with Crosstalk Reduction Using Spiral Delay Lines
    #10 Reinforcement Learning Guided Detailed Routing for FinFET Custom Circuits
    #12 Pin Access-Oriented Concurrent Detailed Routing
    #15 Security-aware Physical Design against Trojan Insertion, Frontside Probing, and Fault Injection Attacks
    #16 Placement Initialization via Sequential Subspace Optimization with Sphere Constraints
    #19 Security Closure of IC Layouts Against Hardware Trojans
    #20 FastPass: Fast Pin Access Analysis with Incremental SAT Solving
    #22 Combined Modeling of Electromigration, Thermal and Stress Migration in AC Interconnect Lines
    #24 Pseudonym: An Open-Source GPU-Accelerated Packer-Legalizer for Heterogeneous FPGAs
    #26 X-Volt: Joint Tuning of Driver Strengths and Supply Voltages Against Power Side-Channel Attacks
    #31 DREAM-GAN: Advancing DREAMPlace towards Commercial-Quality using Generative Adversarial Learning