March 27-30, 2022
Virtual only participation

ISPD 2022 Accepted Papers

5 Chien-Pang Lu, Iris Hui-Ru Jiang and Chih-Wen Yang

Clock Design Methodology for Energy and Computation Efficient Bitcoin Mining Machines

9 Po-Yan Chen, Bing-Ting Ke, Tai-Cheng Lee, I-Ching Tsai, Tai-Wei Kung, Li-Yi Lin, En-Cheng Liu, Yun-Chih Chang, Yih-Lang Li and Mango C.-T. Chao

A Reinforcement Learning Agent for Obstacle-Avoiding Rectilinear Steiner Tree Construction

13 Xiang Gao, Yi-Min Jiang, Lixin Shao, Pedja Raspopovic, Menno Verbeek, Manish Sharma, Vineet Rashingkar and Amit Jalota

Congestion and Timing Aware Macro Placement Using Machine Learning Predictions from Different Data Sources: Cross-design Model Applicability and the Discerning Ensemble

15 Donghao Fang, Boyang Zhang, Hailiang Hu, Wuxi Li, Bo Yuan and Jiang Hu

Global Placement Exploiting Soft 2D Regularity

19 Chung-Hsien Wu, Wai-Kei Mak and Chris Chu

Linear-time Mixed-Cell-Height Legalization for Minimizing Maximum Displacement

24 Gauthaman Murali, Sandra Maria Shaji, Anthony Agnesina, Guojie Luo and Sung Kyu Lim

ART-3D: Analytical 3D Placement with Reinforced Parameter Tuning for Monolithic 3D ICs

25* Diwesh Pandey, Gustavo Tellez and James Leland

LEO: Line end optimizer for sub-7nm technology nodes

28 Matthew Ziegler, Lakshmi Reddy and Robert Franch

Design Flow Parameter Optimization with Multi-Phase Positive Nondeterministic Tuning

29* Ramprasath S, Arvind Kumar Sharma, Meghna Madhusudan, Soner Yaldiz, Jitesh Poojary, Ramesh Harjani, Steven M. Burns and Sachin S. Sapatnekar

Analog/Mixed-Signal Layout Optimization using Optimal Well Taps

30 Sai Pentapati and Sung Kyu Lim

Routing Layer Sharing: A New Opportunity for Routing Optimization in Monolithic 3D ICs

32 Sarp Ozdemir, Mohammad Khasawneh, Smriti Rao and Patrick Madden

Kernel Mapping Techniques for Deep Learning Neural Network Accelerators

35 Andrew B. Kahng, Ravi Varadarajan and Zhiang Wang

RTL-MP: Toward Practical, Human-Quality Chip Planning and Macro Placement

*Best paper candidates.