March 27-30, 2022
Virtual only participation

General Information

The International Symposium on Physical Design provides a premier forum to exchange ideas and promote research on the physical design of VLSI systems. ISPD 2022 featured state-of-the-art research from across the globe on traditional IC physical design topics and emerging technologies in the area. Thank you to everyone who participated in ISPD 2022.

The ISPD 2022 papers, slides and talk videos are available.

We look forward to virtual participation online March 26-29 for ISPD 2023.

ISPD 2022 Awards

Lifetime Achievement

  • Prof. Ricardo Augusto Da Luz Reis (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) for his instrumental impact on EDA research in South America and contributions to the physical design community.

Best Paper

  • Diwesh Pandey, Gustavo Tellez and James Leland, "LEO: Line End Optimizer for Sub-7nm Technology Nodes"

Contest Winners

  1. XDSecurity
    • Xidian University: Zhengguang Tang, Guangxin Guo, Benzheng Li, Hailong You, Jiangyi Shi
    • Giga Design Automation: Xiaojue Zhang
  2. NTUsplace.
    • National Taiwan University: Jhih-Wei Hsu, Kuan-Cheng Chen, Yu-Hsiang Lo, Yan-Syuan Chen, Yao-Wen Chang
  3. CUEDA
    • The Chinese University of Hong Kong: Fangzhou Wang, Qijing Wang, Bangqi Fu, Shui Jiang, Xiaopeng Zhang, Tsung-Yi Ho, Evangeline F.Y. Young
  1. TalTech
    • Tallinn University of Technology: Tiago Perez, Mohammad Eslami, Felipe Almeida, Samuel Pagliarini




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