March 21-24, 2021
Virtual Conference

ISPD 2021 Session Chair Instructions

Slides with detailed overview for session chairs

March 8 - 15:

  • Test your video and audio quality over Zoom before the conference.
  • Check speakers’ slides and videos to confirm they are in good shape.
    • If there are issues, email the speaker and CC
    • Prepare 2 to 3 questions per speaker, in case the audience is slow to ask.
  • Get each speaker’s bio for the session. Email us if you have not received it by now.

March 22-24, Conference days:

  • Join Zoom meeting at least 15 mins before your session starts.
  • Confirm all speakers have joined the meeting. Announce the session is starting, introduce yourself, and communicate the schedule of the session.
  • Introduce each speaker (1 minute) then ask Stephen and Dave to play the video.
  • After each video, announce Q&A and guide the questions. Finish the session on time.

Session Format Summary

  • Budget 1 minute for each speaker’s bio + 1 minute transition between speakers
  • Questions and Answers (Q&A) are live in each session.
  • If a speaker does not show, keep to the schedule, and Q&A can focus on the other talks.
  • Keynotes 2 & 3 and Session 9 are live talks with video as a backup if there are problems.
  • Other than Session 10, all sessions are in Zoom. Session 5 will also move to Zoom once the panel winds down.
# Session Name
Session Chair
01Opening + Keynote 1Jens Lienig60 min5 min intro + 45 min video + 5 min Q&A
02Machine Learning 1Jiang Hu45 min5 min video x3 + 20 min Q&A
03Advances in PlacementJoseph Shinnerl45 min5 min video x4 + 12 min Q&A
04Placement RetrospectiveIgor Markov45 min5 min video x5 + 10 min Q&A
05Networking / DiscussionPatrick Madden90 minZoom panel discussion then chat in
06Keynote 2Ismail Bustany60 min5 min Session 5 summary + 45 min live + 5 min Q&A
07Machine Learning 2Siddhartha Nath45 min5 min video x3 + 20 min Q&A
083D and PackagingBill Swartz45 min5 min video x4 + 12 min Q&A
09Brains, Computers & EDAPatrick Groeneveld75 min20 min live x3 + 10 min Q&A
10Lifetime AchievementMarilyn Wolf90 min30 min toast + 60 min talking on
11Keynote 3Iris Hui-Ru Jiang60 min5 min best paper award + 45 min live + 10 min Q&A
12Advanced TechnologyMeghna Mankalale45 min5 min video x3 + 20 min Q&A
13Contest ResultsGracieli Posser45 min15 min video + team videos 3 min x5 + 10 min Q&A