March 22-24, 2021
Virtual Conference

Guidelines regarding Video Submission

Guideline of ISPD presentation (link)

Timeline for submitting your slides and video:

  • March 1st: PDF or PowerPoint file of your slides for the longer presentation must be submitted.
  • March 8th: Long + short videos for your talk (long video only for keynotes).

Do you have an outline of speaker requirements for presentation videos that are being


Except for keynote presentations, two presentations must be submitted by each speaker: a short 5 minute slide that will be played during the session, and a 15 to 20 minute longer video that attendees can watch beforehand or afterward.

Short 5 minute video: title slide, summary slides, conclusion

Long 15 to 20 minute video: title slide, outline, slides overviewing work, conclusion

  • For keynote speakers the long presentation is 45 minutes.

Send your bio to the session chair by March 15th. The session chair will give you a quick one minute introduction in the live session.

How to record a presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint?

Record slide show: link

To save the video, then the user should do File -> Export -> Create a Video -> Create Video.

The presentation quality should be at least 1024 x 768, with an aspect ratio 4:3.

How to upload presentation slides/videos?

ISPD will use Dropbox cloud space ( for presentation slides/videos uploading. Each session has a dedicated Dropbox folder for all the authors in the session.

You should have already received a separate email on Dropbox folder edit invitation.

You may need to create a Dropbox account using your email address to upload your files. If you already have a Dropbox account with another email, please notify us (mail to, so we will send you a new invitation. Please ask for assistance if you encounter any problems in file uploading.

Are we free to utilize our corporate Powerpoint template in the video or do you have a

conference Powerpoint template that you want speakers to utilize?

Yes, you’re free to use your organization’s PowerPoint template.

However, please minimize the use of company logos, etc.

Will ISPD be hosting the videos or will they be hosted on other platforms?

  • You submit the presentation videos to ISPD through a Dropbox upload link for the session.
  • We double-check the content and then upload it to a private YouTube channel.
  • Conference video playback will be over Zoom, followed by live questions/answers.
    • The keynotes are only available live in this manner, and will not be put on YouTube.
  • Attendees can also watch the videos over YouTube, and access slides from the ISPD website.
  • The conference papers will also be available through the ACM digital library.

Will ISPD embargo the video content for a period of time post-event (30 days, etc.)?


Will the content for ISPD be available on-demand post event? If so, how long?

Yes. Except for keynotes, slides and videos will be permanently available online, and the papers or keynote/invited abstract + bio will be available through the ACM digital library.